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Hello, and welcome to Pam Foss' virtual gallery.

Here you will find information about my sculpture art, my life, and my desire to craft exquisite three dimensional art  from a wide variety of mediums.

To purchase my sculptures for sale, you can call us directly or fill out a form to give you a call about specific pieces of Pam Foss Collection. We can ship world wide!


Darwin  Angler fish bas-relief sculpture. 36" high by 48" wide by 4" deep.

About Pam Foss

As a self-taught, self-motivated and deeply passionate artist, I have been honing my craft for more than forty years  to capture the essence of movement and form.  In particular, you will find in my creations a distinctly fluid, graceful, living quality, and this stylistic ethos has informed my tone and taste. The challenges that come from perfecting subtle, distinguishing lines in a thoroughbred’s sinewed neck, or the endlessly shifting volatility of a summer’s storm invigorate me, and, in their own way, carve a difficult yet mastered niche for me in the sculpting community. In other words, my work speaks for itself. 

Contained within my repertoire is perhaps one of the most diverse collections of  sculpture  created by a single individual. The very nature of sculpture can be interpreted through the perspective of my practiced hand. 


While sculpting is my passion, few joys in life can compare to the moment a curious soul views my work for the first time. Wonder aligns so well with the intentions and form of my art, and in that spirit, I welcome you to enjoy these pieces from my collection, as I aspire ever more to achieve the perfect sculpture.


Abstract Sculpture

Find some of my most intriguing, mysterious forms & textures

My imagination demands an ever wider array of tools, methods, and materials in order to express my artistic vision. With the extraordinary pallet of the natural world at my fingertips, I find that the boundaries of exploration and inspiration are endless.

A good example of where my imagination can take me is  my biomorphic assemblage Purple Rain,  which is in reality a  sculpture of sculptures I created  from 21 individual sculptures. 

Each of the individual sculptures comprising Purple Rain were inspired by micro-organisms and modeled from  polystyrene (Styrofoam) using thermal tools, sandpaper, razor knives, and glue. 

VG 7.jpg

Figure Art & Landscape Art

Abstract bronze sculpture, land sculpture, and clay figure sculpture

Though I delight in the abstract, spending much of my life surrounded by or living around avatars of unrestrained fascination have deeply influenced my creative tone.


The inner workings of a clock, the organic lines of an animal, the vivacious horizons of a harshly beautiful world… all of these vistas, these templates, deserve to be explored in the most thoughtful ways, and I have taken it upon myself to perform and bring to life these soulful investigations.


horse sculptures for sale

My love of horses led me to sculpt these magnificent animals because they are beautiful, muscular, powerful - all qualities that I desired in my equine art. I had seen horses as a child, but I didn't know start riding until I was in my early 20's and started participating in hunter/jumper event. I loved competing, watching the other horses run - their power, beauty and grace moving against the background of green grass.

Equine Art

Contemporary Equine art, Equine Sculpture

As an avid and accomplished rider, horses have been an important part of my experience for many years, and their appeal to the sculptor ought to be immediately clear. With my instruments, I aimed to bring to life the power, the grace, and the immense beauty of these animals.

Miniature Gallery

Our Gallery in a box is made of small pieces of art made into a larger collective sculpture gallery.

Though much of my inspiration is derived from the world around me, interaction and learning from my peers also helped hone my talents.


The Gallery in a Box section describes one of my larger projects, performed in the spirit of honoring the legacy of one of the most influential forces in the artistic world, Ms. Peggy Guggenheim.

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