I have found that Styrofoam is an ideal media for creating beautifully complex, bas-relief sculptures.  Styrofoam is exceptionally strong, given it's light weight as well as being highly durable, and easy to work with.  It is a material that allows me to fully express my artistic vision which is to create sculpture inspired by the natural world of great form and texture that positively radiates with energy and motion.  In short, sculpture with a pulse.  

I can't say how gratifying it is to witness the spell-bound expressions people exhibit when first encountering one of my major Styrofoam Sculptures, such as Out-of-the-Blue or Purple Rain.   

How about taking a moment and viewing a short video on my 2018 bas-relief, Purple Rain

Free Form
A semi-abstract bas-relief of a thoroughbred jumper. Dimensions: 60" wide by 23" high by 2" deep. Styrofoam & Acrylic SOLD
Poetry in Motion
Bas-relief sculpture of a grey thoroughbred horse doing the Piaffe (walking in place) Styrofoam and acrylic 37" high by 39" wide by 3.5" deep $9,500 unique.
No More Blue Mondays
A sculpture created from 81 individual hand-made sculptures. Weighing just 12 pounds, "No More Blue Mondays" measures 48" high by 78" wide by 9" deep.
Purple Rain
Assemblage of multiple, thermally textured, Styrofoam sculptures: 38" high by 48" wide by 8" deep, Available $12,000
About Time
A faceless clock bas-relief sculpture assemblage in Styrofoam and acrylic. 48" by 5" deep. SOLD
Out of the Blue
Monumental "Sculpture of Sculptures" assembled from 81 unique water droplet like sculptures cut, shaped, shaved and sanded from Dupont/Dow XPF foam. Dimensions: 78" high by 48" wide by 8" deep. $25,000
"Emerald" A bas-relief in Styrofoam, acrylic, & resin on board. 31" high by 32" high by 6" deep. Available: $6,500
Mystery Trail
"Mystery Trail" Thermally imaged Styrofoam & acrylic 16" high by 20" wide by 2" deep. Available: $650
Black Crystal
Cut, shaped and thermally textured bas-relief sculpture: Styrofoam, acrylic & resin. 26" by 24" by 6". SOLD
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