I love to create cast-paper sculptures encompassing highly fluid, expressive, and sensuous surface textures. In order to accomplish this goal, I literally had to develop an entirely new process of making sculpture.


This process involves using thermal tools such as soldering irons and wax needles to “hot draw” my images on the surface of insulation board (Styrofoam).  The heat generated by these tools penetrates the surface of the insulation board, establishing my “line” while also defining the surface texture.  By "hot drawing" drawing on the surface of the Styrofoam I am also creating a sunk relief, which I then use as a mold to cast a bas-relief of my "hot drawing" by packing the surface of the mold with archival cotton linter pulp.  Once the pulp dries, I gently remove  what is now a beautiful cast-paper bas-relief of my "hot drawing" from the mold.

Black Jack
An abstract expressionist bas-relief sculpture cast in handmade, cotton linter pulp. Sculpture 40" high by 30" wide by 4" deep. Unique $6,500
"Stampede" My abstract expressionist bas-relief tribute to Jackson Pollock. Handmade cast-paper on silk covered box frame. 40" high by 30" wide by 4" deep. $6,500 (unique)
"Biorhythm" A monumental bas relief sculpture of micro organisms engaged in a "dance of life". Handmade cast-paper & acrylic 48" high by 72" wide by 4" deep. $9,500 (unique)
"Tanglewood" a rhythmic bas-relief sculpture in handmade cast-paper and acrylic mounted on a silk covered box frame. 48" high by 60" wide by 4" deep. $9,500 (unique)
"Transition" Bas-relief sculpture of micro organisms in motion. Handmade cast-paper & acrylic. 25" high by 34" wide by 2" deep. $7,500 (unique)
Black Star
"Black Star" Highly textured bas-relief sculpture in handmade cast-paper and acrylic on foam. 30" high by 24" wide by 2" deep. SOLD
Surf's Up
"Surf's Up" Abstract bas-relief sculpture of the seashore. Handmade cast-paper & sea shells on canvas. 48" wide by 24" high by 2" deep. $1,400 (unique)
The Raven Knows
"The Raven Knows" a bas relief sculpture inspired by Edger Allan Poe. Handmade cast-paper, acrylic, and Styrofoam on canvas covered wood box frame. 48" high by 48" wide by 4" deep. $7,500 (unique)
Three of a Kind?
"Three of a Kind?" Triptych of three similar, but unique bas-relief sculptures in handmade cast paper and acrylic 26" high 48" wide by 2" deep. $6,500 unique
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