I didn't have the opportunity to take up riding until my late twenties, but when I did start riding, I was-as they say-off to the races.  I soon owned my first horse and was soon competing as an amateur owner in hunter/jumper events.  My husband and I also became involved in thoroughbred racing as owners and breeders.  An involvement that ultimately led us to move from South Florida to Saratoga in 1980.  It was in Saratoga that I combined my love of art and passion for horses and began to create a series of bronzes celebrating the beauty, power and athleticism of the thoroughbred  horse.   


My Equine Art was well received from the start and brought me considerable acclaim and success.  My goal with each sculpture I created was to capture the tremendous athleticism and majesty of the thoroughbred that I bore witness to on the track and in the arena.


I'm very proud of my accomplishments as an artist, and especially proud that some of the most astute horsemen and women ever involved in thoroughbred racing chose to collect my work.   I'm especially honored that my work is in the permanent collection of the Kentucky Derby Museum...and soon  to be represented in the  collection of the National Museum of Racing.


I always strive towards expanding my horizons in  art.  The challenges of working with a diverse array of styles and a wide range of media made me a  better artist , more equipped than  I was earlier in my career to capture and portray my love of horses in ways I had never imagined. Please click on the images below to make them larger.


Blinkers On
Free Form
Poetry in Motion
Starting Gate
Summer Breeze
Flying Filly
Suburban Handicap