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Pam Foss Sculpture Gallery

Thank you for your interest in contacting me. As an artist, connecting with others is my reason for existence. Discussing my work with others provides me with the icing on that cake, so by all means, please feel free to give me a call with any questions or comments about my work.


Located in Naples, Florida, my studio features a  delightful collection of my  work, and is where I can be found most days. I live in a world of artistic creation and reflection, and so enjoy having sculptures near me; I invite you to join me, for a time, in this world. 


Regardless of your interests, I would encourage you to sign up to my mailing list. Our updates and publications give an inside view into my next projects, as well as news, both from my studio and regarding the art world as a whole. It’s a great resource from beginners and experts alike. 


I am reachable through several means. My phone number is (410) 490-1140. I am available (10:00AM to 6:00PM EST Monday through Saturday 


Should you be interested in seeing my already existent work but are unable to travel to my Florida studio, calling and asking “are there any of your sculptures near me?” would help me direct you to where you might see my  work. I find purpose and delight in helping  fellow  art lovers  find your way.

 Studio/Gallery Location

132 Lantern Acres Drive

Mooresville NC 28115

(410) 490-1140


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