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About Pam Foss Art

Collectors of my work will no doubt notice themes within them; animal proportions and flowing lines that reflect my passion for such things. All artists wish to provoke responses in their viewers. To be artistic is to touch other’s hearts, souls, minds, experiences… to reach otherwise untested and unobserved moments of a life, or to bring to the surface memories and sensations. It is to capture sensation, revelation, elation, so often fleeting in our daily existence, and consolidate them into work that moves without moving, that evokes without speaking, that earns the open mind of young and old alike to the possibilities and importance of sculpture


I could describe to you where I was born, what my youthful experiences were and how I came to be the person you now read about. I can explain to you where my art comes from and what places I visited in order to be inspired into this profession.  I could describe my hardships and challenges and all the things that stood in my way. I might yet;  there are reasons that stories of heroic conquest and autobiographical struggle are so popular in the Modern Age. They prove that looking beyond one's immediate limitations is possible and rewarding, and at the risk of diverting to a tangent, I hope that I might continue to inspire young men and women to invoke creative art sculptures with their trained hands and vivid hearts.


Sculptor, Pam Foss
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But the fact of the matter is this- I am an artist; curious from childhood, trained from adulthood, committed to a path of self-expression and reflection. What I am- my experiences, my loves, my thoughts, my visions for the future, my memories of the past- all of it is in my unique sculptures. It speaks for itself. My work creates its own existence, inspires its own tools, stands proudly, and vivaciously offers itself to be enjoyed and understood by those who look upon it. I am a translator, taking raw ideas and sculpting them into meaning and memory.


I am an inventor, designing not simply mechanisms to achieve art, but interpretations of that art. I am a builder, crafting means of gaining clarity in the face of overwhelming beauty. I am a dreamer, one who insists that visions not be limited to the mind's eye. I am a champion of the human experience. In motion, and in the creation of original sculptures and statuary, I find the capacity to blossom and the means to share that capacity. That, beyond all else, is what I am. 

That said, I understand that such cryptic truths can be challenging to understand. Thus, it is fortunate that so much of what informs my identity is derived from bountiful experience, and can be used as a concrete base for a more graspable description. As a mother of three and a married woman, I have translated hard-won resilience into both my work and my commitment to share it.


Failure is not an end; it is simply another step on a journey. It is not arrogance to say that, without unyielding resolve, I would not have what I enjoy today, and would not have seen the success that now follows me wherever I go. The importance of sculpture, as it relates to me, bears meaning; my determination does not change, even if my subjects or interests do. With each artistic image  I commit to, or multi-media  sculpture I bring to life , comes a need to give my feelings, my worldview, my very soul, physicality and representation. 

That, put succinctly, is who I am. The art is of me, but it carries my identity far better than words or places or simple events ever could. A trip to the Caribbean might inspire vast portraits of open, cerulean stillness set against a waning sun, but it says so little about the creator. Movement is imbued in all I am; acceleration and ascension define my aims and my rise from humble beginnings. To truly seek me is to seek my work, and in understanding my vision , you understand my heart. 

Where can you find Pam Foss Art?

My sculpture is included in many prominent public, corporate, and private collections around the World.  A partial list of these collections would include: The Kentucky Derby Museum, The Arts Club of Washington, Key Bank Corporation, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, The Maktoum Family, New- York Racing Association, Hialeah Park, The National Museum of Racing, and Ohio State University.

Among the fine art galleries who have represented my work include Payson/Midtown Gallery (New York), Meisner Gallery (New York), Hobe Sound Gallery (Hobe Sound, FL), Nan Miller Gallery (Rochester NY), Addi Galleries (Las Vegas & Reno), Townhouse Gallery (New Orleans), Gallery 50 (Rehoboth DE), Merriam Fisher Gallery (Washington DC).   


I also have several large bronze sculptures on permanent, public display in Annapolis, MD, Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Birmingham, AL, Montgomery AL, New York, NY and Columbus, OH 

Awards for my art have been conferred by: The Salmagundi Club, New York, The Academy Art Museum, Easton MD, Rehoboth Art League, Rehoboth DE, and The Art Centers of Bonita Springs, among others.  I am a member of the International Sculpture Center and The International Association of Paper Making Artists.

My work has been favorably reviewed in numerous media outlets including: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Albany Times Union, The Toronto Star, Delaware State News, Departure’s magazine, Home Companion magazine, Southwest Art, Hunterdon Life, Blood Horse, and   My art has also been featured on The Ellen, and Phil Donahue television shows.

I create art that expresses my inner world and love of nature. I believe that sculpture should never be frozen in time rather it should always convey movement, like poetry in motion.  In short, "sculpture with a pulse".

My most recent exhibition was a pre-Covid month long solo show in December of 2019 at the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs Tranovich Gallery.  The show featured more than 25 of my works representing different phases of my career.

I invite you to visit my Mooresville studio/gallery where you will see one of the most accomplished, diverse and intriguing sculpture collections in North Carolina.  Please note that visits are by appointment only.  Book your appointment by calling (410) 490-1140. 

A selection of my work may also be seen at Trade Alley Art gallery in downtown Hickory, North Carolina.

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